Menu Ordering Solutions

Hands Free Menus

Fully managed, multi-lingual, touchless food-menu ordering.
Scan the QR code on the table to view the full menu on your own device and in your own language.
Place your order and pay with a QR code

Menu Ordering Solutions

What We Do?

We provide menu solutions for eateries, bars, hotels, art galleries, and much more. Are you looking for an in the ether menu that guests can view in a mobile-optimized way on their own device and in their own language? Do you need a temporary menu for an exhibition? 
If you’re serving food or drink do you carry menus in any other languages?
Have you been thinking about touchless payment gateways?

Worried about the current pandemic affecting your customer’s feelings regarding menus and hygiene? Is your menu filled with stickers when you’ve needed to change the price or notify customers of out-of-stock items? 

Get in touch today and get your hands on a multilingual QR code menu that starts at only 1,000 THB per month

End users on average also spend an extra 25-30% per head

View the menu by scanning the QR code

Safe contactless ordering – Saves on time – Saves on printing costs

Take guests orders

Take orders direct with your POS – Don’t fully lose engagement with your customers.
Tips are a big deal if you work in the service industry

Spaghetti with Grilled Mackerel

Soft spaghetti with fresh mackerel and salad


Food Dish 1

Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce

Chicken served with rice, potato or salad 


food4 free img

Grilled Salmon Fillet with Salad

Filleted Salmon with pan fried vegetables


food5 free img

Chicken Nuggets with Potato

Crunchy potato with pan fried chicken


Food Dish 2

Grilled Mackerel Steak

Fresh grilled mackerel with side salad


food3 free img

Grilled and Fried Chicken

Choose fried or grilled chicken with french fries


food6 free img

Take payment with QR code

Your customers can pay their bill easily with a QR code linked to your banking app

Everything on your device

  • Clean
  • Efficient
  • Multi-lingual – (opens in the devices browser language)
  • No transaction fees
  • Faster service times
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Covid friendly

Get reviewed with QR code

Add QR links to all your social media pages for check-ins, likes, shares, comments and reviews
The link goes directly to your review pages

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