How it works?

Whether you’re looking for QR code menus, or a full website with delivery
ordering and table reservation find out how it all works here

Steps to build your QR menu

  1. Send us your menu on either a word document or just a scanned photo of your menus.
  2. Send any images you’d like us to add to your QR menu for categories, i.e, starters, mains, desserts, drinks.
  3. Select your subscription.
  4. Once we receive payment you receive your menu in 5 working days.
Qr code on table

QR Code Menus

We provide you with the QR code that links to an online page. 

We can either design your menus for you or import your designs with your choice of skin for the background

(Payment is taken from diners with your own QR code that is connected to your personal or business bank account. If you need assistance we are here to help)

QR Code At Entrance

How QR Payment Fees Work?

There are many online payment systems that allow you to request payment using your own QR code at your tables. This article explains it well and offers many solutions, but bear in mind, on top of building and managing the app yourself, you face fees on all transactions and PayPal fees on top of that as they don’t utilize banking apps. Connect your own bank to a QR code so when the bill is settled the transaction takes place without any fees. Making your own QR code for your banking app so you can accept diner’s payments is quite straightforward. If you still have any questions or need any help, you can message us using the button below.

How payment works

We can make your menus look exactly the way you want

Whatever look you are looking for then just send us an example or the exact skin (background) you have or like

menu 1
Menu 1
menu 1
Menu 2
pizza menu 3 2
Main Menu
Main Menu
Steaks and Kebabs
menu 11 2
menu 44 2


Add any skin to the background of your menus or keep it clean and clinical

blackboard bg free img
food pattern free img
menu 43
menu 44
Menu 45
menu 46
Menu with skin
menu 48
QR Code Menus

Send us a background you like, or just add your brand colours