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Green salad

Lush green salad with our home made salad dressing. Served with a crispy baguette and French butter


Egg Salad

Duck eggs with pickle, crunchy fresh salad served in a bowl of lettuce. Served with dips and cheese sauce


Tomato Soup

Creamy tomato soup with herbs served with a basket of French bread and butter


Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup served with fresh crusty rolls and French butter




Freshly baked pizza. Tomato, pineapple, and Mozzarella. Oven-baked in a hot pot


Meat Feast

Mozzarella chunks, tomato, peppers, and a selection of the finest cuts of meat



Our veggie pizza is a favourite starter choice. Baked in a square for easy sharing



Spanish-style pizza fresh-baked with tomato and Mozzarella. Served with jalapeno sauce



Freshly baked pizza. Anchovy, peppers, onions, and Mozzarella cooked in our clay oven so the fresh-baked taste is even better



You can add any toppings you wish to your pizza. Fresh-baked with tomato and Mozzarella. Served with onion ringsĀ 



Feat & Olives

Soft shell pasta on a bed of lettuce with Greek Feta cheese and black olives


Mama's Recipe

You can take the Italian out of Italy… Mama’s recipe is to die for! And top secret


Mignon Bolognese

Filet mignon, ripe fresh tomatoes, herbs and peppers for a delicious bolognese served on soft spaghetti



An Italian classic made with Chardonnay to help the sauce taste divine. Served with garlic bread or side saladĀ 



Salmon & Shrimp

Pan fried salmon with garlic roasted shrimps. Served with dressing and a side salad


Tuna Steak

Grilled, pan fried or oven roasted. Served with our chef’s speciality home cooked sauce


Fried Octopus

Pan fried Octopus served with our house special sauce. (Please pre-order 24 hrs in advance)


Grilled Salmon

Grilled salmon that feels like butter in your mouth. Served with side salad or crunchy fried potatoes


Classic Cod

Classic fish and chips with mushy peas, side salad or garlic bread


Sea Bream

Sea Bream served with side salad with or without lemon.



Dim Sum

Our most popular lunch meal. (Please pre-book 24 hrs in advance)


Thai Noodles

Thai noodles with herbs, spices, tomato and vegetables


Hot Pot

A classic Thai dish. Cook your food as you like. Up to you!


Phad Thai

Thai noodles with beans, and vegetables. Choose Chicken, Pork, or Seafood


Thai BBQ Platter

Fresh sliced filet steak, served on a platter with salad and rice with dips


Thai Ice Cream

A bowl filled with ice-cream with Thai sweet cake dripped in choco sauce



Bacon Burger

8oz fillet steak burger with bacon, olives, tomato and onions. served with French fries


Vege Burger

100% vegan burger. Vegan friendly bread roll slightly toasted, served with rice or side salad


Monster Burger

16oz of fillet steak burger, slices of Mozzarella, crisp fresh salad served with French fries


Fillet Steak Burger

The classic fillet steak burger. 4 pates of ground fillet beef, salad and French fries



Chicken Steak

Fillet of chicken in a home made tomato sauce. Served with vegetables and French fries


BBQ Steak

Fillet steak with dips, onion rings, Mozzarella balls served with cheesy vegetables, and fries


Lebanese Kebab

A house special. Selected imported meats from the Lebanon. Skewer fried, served with vegetables and potatoes


Filet mignon

Our house special. Super soft filet on a bed of mashed vegetables and potato served with sep mushroom or Jack Daniel’s sauce



Alaskan Waffles

Delicious home-cooked waffles with lashings of fresh cream


Choco Fruity

A large portion of chocolate cake, ice-cream and fresh berries


Ice Cream

Have the room left for dessert? Try our homemade ice cream, eat-in or takeaway a tub or 2


Choco Truffles

We make our own truffles on site. Ask our friendly staff about taking a box or 2 home


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